Thursday, 29 December 2011

Me and Ze Capital Management Wishes Zeshan with deep gratitude on his 22nd Birthday

There are few days in a person’s yearly life that is more important than their birthday. The birthday is a celebration of when a person came into the world and the contributions that person has made and will continue to make. While the contributions do not have to be as grand as running a country or finding the cure for a devastating illness, people do like to be remembered, most especially on their birthday, for anything that they take pride in doing or place value on.

The birthday is not only a celebration of a person’s contributions to the world but it is a celebration of who that person is. It is an opportunity to express what a terrific friend, spouse, sibling, or child the birthday person is. A birthday is a chance to say to the birthday person that life would not be the same without that person’s smile, laugh, love, or support.

The gesture of wishing someone Happy birthday does not have to a grand, extreme gesture. A birthday truly is a day where the thought does count. While flowers, candy, and gifts will be appreciated, a person really wants to know that they are loved and remembered. A phone call to say happy birthday can make a person feel just as special as an elaborate dinner.

If a birthday is forgotten, wish the birthday person a Happy birthday as soon as possible. Even if their birthday was forgotten, they will feel better knowing that you still remembered. As for gifts, any gift for a belated birthday will be appreciated with the same thankfulness that a gift received on their birthday does. No one is perfect and everyone forgets from time to time, but whatever you do-do not ignore it.

There are certain ages that people feel the birthdays are more special than other birthdays. This will vary from person to person and really has no rhyme or reason. For the special birthday sometimes a large birthday party is thrown to celebrate it or sometimes the person just wishes do something out of the ordinary so they do not feel their life is passing by. Depending on the level of adventure in the person the out of ordinary thing could range from taking a trip to skydiving.

While some people hate their birthday or dread a certain age, birthdays should be viewed as a glorious time. Age is only a number and does not mean one cannot have adventures. It is amazing to hear about people in their 70s and 80s who still do incredible things like hike a mountain or even just live alone. These people did not let age affect them. To them their birthday, while it meant they were another year old did not affect them. Age is just a number to them and as long as their body can hold up, they will live their life as an adventure. As long as, one can dream it, one can do it and what better time to dream on a birthday.

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